Helen Zhong is a contemporary painter, sculptor, designer and performer. Her interdisciplinary artistic practice challenges an individual’s character, customs, and the way one forms relationships in society. Just like a shape-shifter, she takes on different roles to research how the notions of identity, individuality, and cultural heritage influence us under different circumstances.


Helen Zhong was born in Liaoning, China, raised in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and now resides in Barcelona, Spain. Since early childhood, she had been receiving a multi-faceted education in painting, calligraphy, piano, theater, classical and modern dance. At the age of 15 she was scouted by a talent agency while attending a consular event with her family. In 2019, Helen performed as the main voice-over actress in the feature film Made In China, candidate to the Goya Awards in 2021. The film premiered in Madrid and was broadcasted live to 150 countries.

It was through this world that she started perceiving the visual arts in a new way. Having pursued studies in art and design professionally, Helen worked as a product designer and design project developer in Barcelona, during this time she continued to cultivate her interests and develop her unique artistic language.

Helen has used her varied creative skills to contribute artistic and emotional value to the society. In 2021, her considerable entrepreneurial drive took her to found Helen Zhong Studio. Helen felt the need to express her opinions, doubts, concerns, and desires through art. She had the urge to consolidate her thoughts and raise awareness of issues that she’s observed in different industries and their impact on people. However, Helen’s artworks always exude positivity, and she aspires to offer an optimistic perspective of shared human conditions. Above all, she wishes for her art to be enjoyed limitlessly.

Technique and style

Helen Zhong sees her diverse skills as different tools of expression. She says: 

I strive to choose the perfect combination of tools that best delivers my message. ”

She often finds herself reaching for the medium of painting, Her compositions are bold with sharply geometric shapes and full of colors. Helen’s style is often reminiscent of the works of Vassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian, Max Bill and Robert Delaunay. In her most recent work ‘Santa Cruz y Helen’ she represented the green flag of the city where she grew up with countless shades of green, which remind of the abundant forests of the country. On top of this base, she designed a geometrical composition that represents the infrastructure of the city. Her work is vivid, fluid and untamed, undoubtedly moving in the unified direction of her train of thought.

Regarding performance and happenings. In her performance The Most Comfortable Me, she sat on a chair in an uncomfortable position in front of the camera for 10 hours. Despite the discomfort, she was acting in a way that manifested restfulness, comfort, and ease. Altering her appearance is her way of drawing attention to her actions. While artists like Cindy Sherman would use a disguise to remove the “self”, Helen makes sure to intentionally retain her individuality. Shortly after the performance, Helen Zhong designed the sculpture The Folding Chair which was made to remind people that the artist and her conscience are very much present.

Helen Zhong imprints her authentic mark, empowering people and embracing cultures. She wishes to keep pushing her art to the edge while making a bold statement with each of her projects. Her artwork has a strong social aspect as she highly values reciprocity from both the audience and her collaborators. Therefore, Helen cordially welcomes people from different social and cultural backgrounds and with different identities while she continues to forge and cultivate an ever-growing family of creatives.