Helen Zhong 鍾海倫

Helen Zhong is a contemporary artist of Asian-Hispanic cultural heritage. Distinguished as the sole living artist possessing unparalleled expertise in integrating ancient numerology into her works, Zhong captivates audiences with a unique blend of cultural depth and artistic innovation.

Fine art, Chinese calligraphy, album design, art direction, digital art and audiovisual art, her artistic practice and unique life experience challenge an individual’s character and customs.

Helen was born in Liaoning, China, raised in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and now resides between Spain and the USA. Her exceptional talent, innate sensitivity, and visionary leadership led to the establishment of Studio Helen Zhong, a creative hub that has catalyzed collaborations with prestigious galleries, discerning collectors, and Fortune 500 giants such as Coca-Cola, LVMH, Sony, Johnson & Johnson, Marriott Group, and Melia Group.

On January 1st, 2023, a historic moment that resonated around the world, Helen Zhong became the trailblazing first Chinese-Bolivian artist to grace the iconic Times Square in New York City during the globally celebrated New Year’s Eve festivities. The significance of this milestone extended beyond borders, a testament to Zhong’s transcendent impact on the art world.

In February, the halls of Tiffany & Co. in Madrid and Barcelona bore witness to the eloquence of Zhong’s artistic narrative. Her “50 Years of Friendship” collection, unveiled during this period, served as a poignant celebration of the enduring diplomatic ties between Spain and China. Each piece echoed not just aesthetic brilliance but the profound connections between cultures.

On April 21st, Helen brought her unique perspective to Duke University‘s Duke Fuqua Business School in North Carolina. Engaging students in a captivating discourse on the convergence of technology and art, she shared the stage with representatives from PwC America’s design lab. The intersection of creativity and innovation unfolded in the academic arena, leaving an indelible mark on aspiring minds.

June saw Helen lending her insights as a distinguished panelist in Dubai. There, she unraveled the intriguing relationship between digital art and the world of luxury fashion. Her contributions to this dialogue underscored not only her artistic brilliance but also her profound understanding of the evolving dynamics within the realm of contemporary art.

July marked the inauguration of Helen’s Chinese calligraphy art pieces at Occo Gallery in Madrid. The strokes of her brush echoed a cultural resonance that transcended geographical boundaries, creating a captivating dialogue between tradition and modernity.

In September, her gallery representative unveiled a breathtaking collection at the Art 3F art fair in Monaco, further solidifying Zhong’s presence on the international art stage. October witnessed her artistic prowess on display at Estampa, the leading European contemporary art fair in Madrid. The collection showcased during this period drew inspiration from the enchanting realms of animals and nature, inviting viewers into a world where art and nature intertwined seamlessly.

November brought another accolade as ATB Bolivia invited Helen Zhong to the 24th edition of the Latin Grammy Awards as the channel’s executive producer. This invitation not only acknowledged her artistic brilliance but also underscored her role as a cultural ambassador, bridging diverse worlds through her creative vision.

Helen Zhong’s journey continues to unfold as a visionary artist, carving her legacy by pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and fostering cultural connections on a global stage. Her story is one of transcendent artistry and a commitment to breaking new ground in the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary art.


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Exposición ‘Helen Zhong 141613’ en el Hotel Me Barcelona, del 10 de diciembre al 10 de enero


Technique and style

Helen Zhong sees her diverse skills as different tools of expression. She says: 

I strive to choose the perfect combination of tools that best delivers my message. ”

She often finds herself reaching for the medium of painting. Her artistic narratives unfold with audacious compositions, characterized by bold geometric shapes and a vibrant palette that breathes life into her creations.

Within the intricate tapestry of Helen Zhong’s artistic journey, the fusion of ancient numerology and a profound homage to cultural roots becomes a defining thread. Her distinctive style, a harmonious dance echoing the influences of Vassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian, Max Bill, and Robert Delaunay, unfolds as a canvas that seamlessly integrates her Asian and Latin American heritage.

In the enchanting composition titled ‘Santa Cruz y Helen,’ Helen not only captures the essence of her Latin American upbringing but also breathes life into the green flag of her hometown. With a palette boasting 150 shades of green and geometric forms meticulously crafted through mathematical sequences, the artwork becomes a living testament to the symbiosis of art and Chinese numerology. Each stroke and symbol carry the weight of profound numerological significance, creating a visual symphony that resonates with the newly revitalized landscapes of her homeland.

Her work, vivid and fluid, unfolds as a testament to the untamed brilliance of her artistic spirit. Every brushstroke propels the viewer into the heart of her contemplative journey, revealing a unified direction governed by the profound coherence of her intellectual and creative faculties. Helen Zhong’s art transcends mere visual aesthetics; it becomes a narrative, an exploration of heritage, and a celebration of the boundless possibilities when culture, mathematics, and artistic expression converge.

Helen Zhong leaves an indelible imprint, a testament to her commitment to empowering individuals and celebrating the rich tapestry of diverse cultures. Her artistic journey is a continuous exploration, pushing the boundaries of creativity to the edge, where each project becomes a bold statement in its own right. Beyond the canvas, Helen’s artwork carries a profound social dimension, placing a premium on reciprocity with both her audience and collaborators.

In her creative realm, Helen extends a warm invitation to individuals from varied social and cultural backgrounds, embracing the diversity of identities. Her inclusive approach fosters an environment where collaboration thrives, weaving together a growing family of creatives. As she forges these connections, Helen Zhong not only creates art but also cultivates a vibrant community, where the power of creativity is harnessed to bridge differences.

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