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Technique and Style in Art

Helen Zhong sees her diverse skills as different tools of expression. She says: 

“I strive to choose the perfect combination of tools that best delivers my message.”

Performance / Acting
«The most comfortable me.»
I sat on a chair for 8 hours in a very uncomfortable position, with the goal of expressing the total opposite – restness, comfort and distraction through my acting in front of people and camera.
Performance / Acting
«The most comfortable me.»
The moment when I could finally move but I couldn’t feel my right hand.

«The Garden» of Francis Montesinos
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid

«Flavored lights»
A performance at the world-renowned Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine hotel. Valladolid, Spain.

«2046 Txell’s version»
A film in which I am the leading actress.
Acting + cinematography + literature meme
«No enemies?»
A meme I made from the film «2046 Txell’s version» in which I acted.

She often finds herself reaching for the medium of performance and happenings. Their setup is often reminiscent of the works of Marina Abramovic, Helen’s big inspiration. For example, in her performance “The most comfortable me”, she sat on a chair in an uncomfortable position in front of the camera for 8 hours. Despite the discomfort, she was acting in a way that manifested restfulness, comfort, and ease. In her other work, “The Blonde”, she changed her hair color and observed how people’s attitude towards her changed together with it. 

«Business woman wearing luxury brand Escada.»
Modeling for the brand Escada at the Costa Brava Fashion Week, Spain.

Happening / Performance
«The yearned cosmos»
A performance at the art installation of artist Bre Barcelona at the exhibition ‘Recién Pintado’ in Barcelona, Spain.

Altering her appearance is her way of drawing attention to her actions. While artists like Cindy Sherman would use a disguise to remove the “self”, Helen makes sure to intentionally retain her individuality. She wants to remind people that she – the artist, and her conscience is very much present, while her body is being used as a vessel to convey a universal message. Her other works include “The Yearned Cosmos”, which she performed at the El Carme Cultural Center of Badalona. These performances also exist as video footage, and she would often incorporate techniques like Cinema 3D, Premier, After Effects, or virtual reality to enhance an unique viewing experience.

«The state in between.»
A kinetic poster animated by designer Roro Espinosa and me.

«Book Helen Zhong 2020»
Model book photo by photographer Daniel Smith.

Piano performance rehearsal
«Bohemian Rapsody»
Rehearsing in private.

Product Design
«The Folded Chair»
Each piece of this wooden chair was glued with a strong mixture of condensed rice juice which I made at home. Did you know that rice can be this sticky?

An animation I made together with designer Roro Espinosa.

Besides acting, performing, and video works, Helen Zhong also uses painting, stamping, and collage as her media of choice. Her compositions are bold, abstract, with sharply geometric shapes and full of saturated colors. While she gravitates towards an urban style, she has also experimented with organic forms and softer compositions. In Helen’s artistic practice, a painting can be a sub-product of performance, and vice-versa. Her work is fluid and untamed, but undoubtedly all moving in the unified direction of her train of thought.

Contemporary Dance
«Look back»
Recreating the daily work of a photography assistant and a model throughout the dance.

«The blonde»
Changing my hair color changed people’s attitude towards me.

Modeling / Pageantry
«Miss Enterprise»
The moment when I was announced as the winner of Miss Enterprise title on a global stage.